Lost in Discussion

I’ve been in circles of discussions this recently. There are many things that we’ve been discussing about. From things about study to things about personal life. My friends are great, they have a broad knowledge related to our study, but unfortunately, I am not as great as them. They have so many things to discuss or to argue, and they can deliver it well. Things are getting more interesting.

I like the way they deliver their arguments, those are all make sense. And it’s getting further, anyway. I feel that I am still left behind them all. It’s not really bad as I am trying to follow the rhythm, and yeah, I do make my own approach to understand all the things about the discussion. However, it’s not always working.

Sometimes I feel that I am lost in discussion. And many times I feel that I don’t get the point, even just a simple statement. Seems like I don’t understand the language, it’s all like “meaningless” for me. It’s not that they are talking b******, but it’s just me. My brain seems to be exhausted. I am tired to try to follow and align my position with them. I think, I need to stop for a while, take a fine rest, forget anything just for a minute and find a new “method” to enjoy the rhythm.

Let the air flows, let the discussion underway, but please just try to find my way in this lost.

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