Maddy Nites at Pare

Feel free to express

Crazy nites. I don’t know exactly how to type the proper words for the title, cuz I write it in a sleepy condition. Actually I wanted to put mad night as the title. However, the words looked so flat, and I need some catchy things in it. So, I chose “Maddy Nites at Pare” as the title.

I’m getting mad in these couple nights, and I realized that some of my friendsĀ  thought that I was crazy. No problem, that’s ok. I knew that they were not often see me like this before. I danced like a club crawler in the night when we had a multi media class.

Our multi media class, here at Pare was a fun class we have. This class was held in the night. We were listening to the music, dance, watch movie, and present our thoughts about the movie. Dancing while listening to the music was the part which drove me to be mad.

Sometimes I couldn’t move my body well, but I think many times I danced “ecstaticly”. I really enjoyed it. No matter what the others said. I did it because I wanted to be relax. Days getting harder, plus the heaviness from the past created an ecstatic feeling in my head. My brain inside my head asked my body to move and express the feelings in the song.

Moving my body, expressing the feeling based on the song is really good. I mean, unconsciously, I could feel what exactly the words mean about. And I can say that it was good to apply it in the presentation, because we got more understanding about what message we really want to deliver to the audiences.

So far, the way that “feel free” to express my mind based on the text (in the song, on the white board, and also from my own mind) worked. I can see the advantage by extracting the positive things by doing this “thing”.

Have a mad nite, Buddy!

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