I was born in a village. Then raised by my parents on another place. When I was about four years old, I moved and lived separated from my parents. I lived with my grandmother, in a place where I was born. I didn’t like that at the very first time. I didn’t know how to speak Buginese at that time, while all of my friends spoke Buginese. I rarely met my parents at that time.

Time by time, I learned how to adapt with the new environment. I learned how to speak Buginese, I learned how play with my new friends using the very simple toys. Then, It turned out, I enjoyed those things.

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At that time, I used to play with my friends near my grandma’s house. We all knew each other. When I played near my friend’s house, his parents would ask me, who my parents are, who my grandma is, and where I live. Almost all of people in that village knew each other, especially the “oldies”.

I live with my grandma and surrounded by many old people. Almost every time I met old people, an honestly, it was so exciting being surrounded by the oldies. There were many things that I could learn from them. There were so many stories that I knew from them, and of course those were educative for kids like me. Even though I couldn’t understand all of the things they told, but the lessons kept my curiosity grow.

One thing that I always admire from the way that the oldies talk about stories are their memories. Their ability to recall the time, place, people who involved, and things that happened long time ago. They had many stories to tell, from scary to the funny ones. Some of them were from their ancestors. I should say wow about that. I want to have a capability like theirs who can still remember maaaaaany things that happened in a very long time ago. What about me (or us) even our account password are so forgettable. So embarrassing.

Now, as the time goes on, more and more old people passed away. Sometimes I wanted to turn back the time to listen to their stories again, which helped me to have a good imagination since my childhood. Oh yeah, I don’t have any grandma anymore since five years ago, and FYI, I have never met my grandpas from both my father and my mother.

Currently there are a few of the oldies who are still alive, but I am not sure that the upcoming oldies will have the ability as their ancestors had. I cannot imagine what I will tell to my grandchildren 30-50 years from now. Being a storyteller for the children is always fun, and I hope I can be a good storyteller for my grandchildren in the future.

2 thoughts on “Me and the Good Oldies

  1. Like this story. Really this is a touching story, and the way you wrote it so incredible. You are always the best. I think that I have to run fast like a light to catch you, and even by that way I totally still got my self behind you. Success brother!!!

    1. It is not really incredible as you said. I just wrote it frankly, based on my memories. Heee heee…. I am not the best, bro, I just follow my heart in writing, no matter what people say about my writings. Hey bro, you run faster than me, and I think you’ve passed my ability in English. I see your progress, and you’re doing it so well. You keep your good rythm, while I am losing my focus. Thank you for commenting on this freaking blog, mate! 🙂

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