Mint, The Only Working Linux

After trying and compared 6 linux distros on my laptop, I finally can conclude that Linux Mint is the only distro which installed successfully on my laptop. I have written my “linux story” on my several previous posts, from back to linux, my brief story about Elementary OS, and other distros installation respectively.

As I probably mentioned on one of my previous posts, I started to use linux first time in 2013, I was switching from Ubuntu and Elementary OS over time, just to find which linux suits me the most. And at that time, I decided to stick with Elementary OS. The reason being, it was a beautiful linux distro, which to date, for me is still the most beautiful linux distro I have ever used. However, I didn’t stick for a long time, due to incompatibility with my nVidia video card on my Sony Vaio at that time. I also found that in some extents I had to reconfigure my settings over and over again. That’s why, I decided to not using linux for awhile.

Until a few weeks ago, I realized that I would like to try to use linux again for a few reasons:

  1. Security. As we know, Linux is probably one of the most secured OS around, especially compared to Windows. I use Windows most of my time, and security issues seem to take a significant part in my consideration. I am not saying that Windows is very vulnerable, in fact there is no 100% secured system. But the tendency of security breach is much lower on Linux.
  2. Free. Linux is free, yes, of course. I have been downloading some distros without paying any penny. And that saved me much money, because buying an OS, let’s say, Windows could cost you hundreds of dollars. While linux distros are offered for free use. Being free doen’t mean it’s cheap, in fact, Linux offers variety of reliable apps which can do the job as well as the Windows apps.
  3. Freedom. This thing is also important for me. I like to set up my desktop environment without violating the OS. Using linux means you can do whatever you will on your own risk. Well, I am not saying that I am doing some things radically on my linux, but freedom to set my linux encourages me to be more creative. I personally not an expert in this area, I am not even fluently coding, but I am still learning. To make a change in your linux, you might need to input some lines of codes on the terminal, and I think slowly but sure, the habit to do it could teach me to get used to type the instruction in form of lines of codes. Sometimes it’s fun, and most of the time it could probably be more frustrating if the input was wrong, but that’s the challenge. I can also customize my linux on my own desires.
  4. Unique. Yeah, it’s a unique environment to do the stuff on linux, though I found that some distros are actually not radically different from windows, in terms of appearance. Yes, it is true. Yes you may take a look at Linux Mint as an example. Howewer, if you look at so many other distros around, you will find that they are unique on its own. I am not saying Linux Mint is not unique due to it’s similarity on the appearance with Windows, it is also still nique on it’s own way.

Those points always intrigued me to use linux again,  which I think could give me more inspiration in doing my stuff. I can say that I am already spending most of my time using Windows, and why not give linux a shot? In fact it can give me some things which Windows didn’t give me.

I probably have been mentioned on one of my previous posts, that so far, I have been tried 6 linux distros (Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Arch Linux, Antergos, Mint, and Solus), and I can tell you these, based on my brief experience of using it:

  1. Ubuntu. This was the first linux distro I installed on my laptop, roughly 3 years ago. It was solid and offered me a lot of things as well. However, Richard Stallman’s statements regarding to the allegedly spy or stuff and also the monetization which he mentioned due to Ubuntu’s involvements with Amazon in the OS made me lose my desire to use it. I am not saying that Ubuntu is not reliable, instead it’s so solid. But I just don’t want to stick with it, unless I find a strong reason. Again, I am not saying Ubuntu is terrible, because in fact many linux distros out there are based on Ubuntu. Elementary and Mint are a few of them.
  2. Elementary OS. As I said, this distro was probably the most beautiful one, and that interested me to give a try. It was quite good as well, and really simple. However, In some extents, it lacks of features, as some people on the net said so. When I tried it again a few days ago, it was quite different from 3 years ago, when I first tried it. It didn’t have a minimize button on the top, and no menus on the windows as well. Both points made me not willing to give a try to it again. In fact, other distros kinda offers those things.
  3. Arch Linux. Well, this distro has been more popular these days. A lot of people use it as their main OS. Surely I was interested to use it as well. However, it was very difficult especially for newbies like me, since the installation. I could not find a way to install it, it required some lines of instruction to install it, thus I did not install it at all. I heard that a lot of distros are based on this Linux as well, for instance, Antergos.
  4. Antergos. Initially, I thought that Elementary OS was the only linux distro which was pleasing in the eyes. However, it seemed that it could change my opinion, as this distro offers a quite beautiful appearance as well. I can say that it can take Elementary OS position as the most beautiful distro. And for me it is. A few days ago, I finally decided to install it on my laptop, because I thought that it could meet my need and I could rely on it as a switch from Windows. However, after finished the installation and proceeded to restart, it was not working. I had to reconfigure it, instead, I reinstalled it in order to see if reinstallation would make it work. Nonetheless, it was just the same. It didn’t work again. So, I decided to switch to other options.
  5. Solus. People said that this distro is built from scratch. It is quite interesting to me, that maybe I could find other things that the other distros didn’t offer. I gave a try, and found out that it was quite a beautiful linux as well. Almost looks like an Antegros. I installed it as well, hoped that it would work, and I would finally stick with it. However, it was again not work well on my laptop. I was tired of installing and reinstalling distros, so I decided to move to Linux Mint.
  6. Linux Mint. At the beginning I thought that it looks not as beautiful as Elementary OS and Antergos, which made me not in favor of using it. Yeah, I take appearance as my requirement as well. But I decided to give a try, and so I installed it. First attempt, I finished the installation, and took me to the restart, but then it seemed it had some issues, it said that “failed to blah blah blah the KERNEL.” Oh gosh, I thought that I just had to forget to install Linux on my laptop again. But I didn’t give up on this, instead I reinstalled it again. And, it worked. I finally could say, that this is the Linux that works on my laptop, which didn’t require me to be a linux geek to make it work.

So that’s it, I could finally conclude that I choose Mint to be my linux OS, beside my Windows 10 as my primary OS on my laptop. Although it doesn’t look as beautiful as Elementary OS and Antergos, but at least it works. And just FYI, actually Linux Mint is ranked as one of the most popular linux distro, it is in the first place on Distro Watch website as the most popular linux.

To address the appearance, I am trying to find a way to use other appearance/ theme to replace the default one. Or should I reconsider Antergos or Elementary OS again? I don’t know, it might be another journey again. At least I know how to install Linux Mint properly on my laptop.

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