Monetize It?

I don’t know what their reasons are. I’ve got some emails from several different senders which contain offer to monetize my blog. They keep send me emails over this last several months. I can say that it is an interesting thing to make some money with my blog. However, it has never been my intention in having this blog to make money by putting some ads on in.

I know that it is so many people dream to make some money with their blogs or websites. There is nothing wrong with it, they spent their effort on it, spent their time and money to build their sites. And you know, it is not only about the cost they spend on hosting and domain service, it is also their spending on internet package. Me, myself do the same things. I’ve spent some money to keep this blog online, spent a lot of time to find ideas and write the posts, and absolutely spent some money to buy internet package service, hosting and domain. It doesn’t include the time I spent on it.

I don’t mean to say that it is a must for me to accept the offer, for now, I can say that this blog is not for ads. I am not going to sell some spaces for ads on this blog, neither for paid links. Wait, but why?

Well, let me tell you the point. This blog is never meant to be made for any specific niche, any specific keywords, any targeted visitors, or anything else but myself. Yeah, myself, my thoughts, my opinions, my stories, my daily activity, things I like and dislike. And you know, having paid links or ads on the blog make it look so commercial, unnatural, and not genuine.

So, you know that there will be nothing to do with the ads, my blog and people who visit this blog. People come here just by accident, they don’t come regularly to read my posts. So, for the advertisers, I am sorry, it is not profitable for you, and I will not do anything to make it more profitable for you.

Moreover, I think, the ads space will just make my blog’s appearance looks awful, and it can slow down the site’s performance. It is not new issues, though. Mark Zuckerberg initially refused to put some ads on Facebook when the site started to attract many and many visitors. The reasons were just almost the same, he didn’t want to make the site looked terrible. Though Facebook now has so many ads on it, because that’s their main source of income in case to make the site keeps alive for billions of users to use it for free.

This blog is nothing compared to Facebook, anyway. It will not be like Facebook forever. Regarding to the offer, I am so thankful for the attention. I don’t know how they measure my blog to indicate that it may make some money, while this blog has just a few amounts of traffic from a few different countries on different continents. It doesn’t have a “reader base” that can drive the visitors here. That’s just impressed me.

Again, I’d like to say thank you for your offer. I admit that I was happy when I started to get the offer months ago. It made me realized that some people (or their crawlers, bot, etc.) out there came to this blog read or without reading it and send me the offer from the comment box or from the contact me form. Thank you.

Alright, that’s all for the “monetize” offer for this blog. Happy Friday night all, see you on other posts!

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