My Facebook Friends

Its number grows from about 800 six months ago to more than 1000 today. It is still relatively less than many other people out there who have almost 5000 friends on their facebook. To be honest, I have never aimed to have a big number on the list. Because, I am not sure that either they know me, or I don’t know them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make friends on facebook, but I prefer to have a real friendship rather that just number on the list.

I accepted friend requests from quite a lot of people these last few months. Some of them are my real friends in the real world, others are friends of my friends. What about me? I did send friend requests as well to my friends. And I hope I could be their good friend. It will be nice to be a real friend, turn the number to a real quantity and quality of friendship.

I really hope that I can be a good friend for them.

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