I’m honestly say, I’m late again to do my promise. I supposed to finish it yesterday. Shortly, In this post, I just want to write what were my activities and where I’ve been yesterday. Alright, yesterday I went to some places that I never been before. I went to Gumul and the downtown of Kediri. It was just the first time for me to step on those places.

Paris and Kediri

Gumul is a place which has a landmark like City Gates of Paris. I really wanted to this place, and I was always to postpone this plan. So, yesterday I thought I would not make any excuse to postpone it anymore. Me and Syukri, my friend rented a bike. We were a bit late to leave, we left at 2.30 PM. So, the first place we went was Gumul. I took some pictures, we only spent twenty minutes there and continue our trip to the downtown Kediri.

The downtown was just like a regular one, but the environment was clean, and green as I saw. In the downtown, we went to find an “adventurer” shop and a shopping mall. I bought two shorts in that shop to replace my old shorts. And at the mall we were just hanging out there. The mall was actually not big. But it was enough to entertain us.

For you who just come to new places, cheers!

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