My Laptop Again

Gonna talk about it (again). I felt exhausted this last few days, just like it used to be. However, it’s different, just different, because I had to fix some issues on my laptop. It made me not focused on things that I should’ve done. These issues bother me. It’s not broken, though, just some “fn” buttons and brightness issues. Then why do I say that it bothers me?

The display of my laptop was getting weird. People might say that there was nothing changed of the display of the screen. However, as the real user, I could notice it. The display color changed, it was like the resolutions were getting poorer. That bothered my eyes. It distracted me, and surely, I was unhappy about it.

I suspected that it was caused by my mistake. I’ve uninstalled one of my vaio’s native apps. I did it because it seemed that the Spfservice64.exe (I suspected) file used much CPU Usage. It affected the processes of the CPU. I had to uninstall it. Then things happened, and shortly, the screen display was screwed.

After trying many things on it, finally I could solve the problem. I’ve reinstalled one of vaio’s native apps. The color display of my laptop screen is now back to normal. Thank God for that.

Oh yeah, that’s it for today. Gonna write another day. I got two bottles of soft drink, one coke and another thing to drink. 1,2,3… 1,2,3 drink!

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