Newer and Better Algorithm

Sometimes I analogize algorithm with the way of thinking. Or, say that maybe both words have a same meaning.

Years ago, I attended a coding class. It was just a simple one, anyway. Me and a few other students in a high school passed a screening to represent our school in computer Olympic. We were trained in a computer lab to do some “geeky things”. Those geeky things were sort of making lines of script in Pascal (simple programming). At that time, only a very few of students who knew to use Pascal.

It was fun, since computer class was my favorite. I loved every session that we attended. I could spend tens of hours to figure out one problem, along with finding some computer key name (I don’t know how to say it) like “*” for asterisk, “#” for buffer, “&” for ampersand, and so on. I even spent more time to figure those things out than to finish my homework.

Furthermore, at that time, I realized that in computer programming, we need an algorithm to outline the way our program will run. It has to have a START and also an END. Once a program doesn’t have a START without an END, than it will cause a trouble. Or let’s say that the code will be a bug.

That sort of thing (algorithm with its START and END) makes me think that I need something like algorithm in my mind to rule what I think about.

It’s a bit complicated to explain, though. Everyone has their own way of thinking, and if we have enough willing to say, everyone has their own algorithm of thinking. And we do develop this algorithm over time. So do I.

I develop my own algorithm which sometimes works clearly, and run well. On the other hand, sometimes it works sucks. And here it is, the main idea of this post, sometimes I think way too much about something, and I cannot stop it. In an algorithmic language, there’s a START, but no END. Or the END is unclear. And that causes my mind sometimes stressed. That was clear to say.

And that’s why I need to update my “algorithm”. I need to set a proper time when to think something, and stop it when it needs to be stopped immediately, without any further unwanted explanation. I know that it makes things seem stricter, but it will be good for the sake of my mind, and it could be for people as well. Only if they want to.

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