Newspaper, Currently

I don’t know what happens in newspaper business this recently. Yeah, I know that it is still printed on paper, it has a lot of ads, and they are often sided to any particular side. Sorry to say that, but actually it is. Newspaper is part of political movement. I am not going to talk about politics or whatsoever about the newspaper. I just want to speak up my mind, I mean my opinion about it.

I like to read, including reading newspaper. I was subscribing newspaper when I was in undergraduate program, it was for several months. Then I stopped it, because I was very busy on my activities, I didn’t have enough time to read all the newspapers and yeah, I couldn’t pay the subscription. Instead, I used my money to buy internet package.

Back to the newspaper case, well, in my opinion, the newspaper is currently losing its charm. It’s not only caused by the internet’s existence, but it is from itself. I can’t say that all of the newspaper companies published meaningless articles, but most of them do it. I read newspaper almost every day, but I couldn’t find that more than 10% of the contents are full of worthy articles. Moreover, I don’t enjoy them so much, it’s like there’s no “heart” in the process of making the articles or arranging the layout.

So, that was my opinion about newspaper currently. What about you?

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