Night Owl

I am considering my self as a “night owl”, who sleeps lately in the a.m. I used to be an “early bird” guy when I was still doing my primary education school. However, it changed when I started studying at the university. Sometimes it was really helping to stay up all night, because I found less distraction, and sometimes I found that a lot of inspiration came in during the middle of the night. I know for some reasons that it would be important to change my habit to be as an early bird guy, but again it would need time for me to switch back to that mode again.

I often read articles about how great people manage their day, I found that some people started their day from the very early morning, (some even woke up at 4 am), and some started their day at 6 am and so on. However, not every great people are early birds, some are actually all nighters, or in this case, they are night owls. They find that they are doing productive in the middle of the night, or maybe it’s just their nature to stay up all night, and wake up lately the day after.

I have been there, as an early bird guy in my young age, and I am currently as “a night owl”, There are pros and cons for both sides, but I think I can just switch to one another according to my need. Surely I will have to learn to start doing my stuff earlier, but obviously, I still feel comfortable to do my stuff all night. That’s why the switch should on and of for both modes.


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