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After using the Elementary OS

As I told you before, I was looking for an Operating System (OS) alternative for my laptop. Couple weeks ago I used Elementary OS on my laptop. It looked good, the interface was beautiful, and it was quite fast as well. Otherwise, there were some weaknesses of this OS that I couldn’t cope. Those were the brightness setting and media player issue.

It seemed that I couldn’t set the brightness of my laptop screen like I did using Windows 7. Furthermore, sometimes the media player (both default and the Clementine) didn’t work well, especially at the first minutes I turned on my laptop. I tried many things, change some settings, wrote a bunch of commands on the Elementary OS, but it didn’t work like I wanted to. It was so frustrating, therefore I spent plenty of hours in front of this laptop to overcome the problems. I was also asking my friend how I can solve the problems, but unfortunately, it didn’t reach the point that I wanted.

Ubuntu 13.10 Screenshot
My Ubuntu Screenshot

Turn to Ubuntu 13.10

After days considered about it, eventually I replaced the Elementary OS with Ubuntu 13.10. I was curious with this newest version of Ubuntu. And it needed longer time to install it on my laptop. What makes Ubuntu 13.10 different from Elementary OS was we can use some apps without install it on our machine. We can use Libre Office, Firefox and some other applications.

After installing the OS, I was looking for the way to adjust the brightness of my laptop screen. It was just like the way I did with the Elementary OS. Only I did it more carefully. I noted every script/command I input to the “terminal” (like Command Prompt on Windows). And again, there was nothing perfect. I couldn’t reduce the brightness using the Fn+F5/F6 command. Instead of relying to the perfect setting that I wanted, I just managed to reduce the brightness by typing a line of command on the terminal. It worked, though not simple at all.  So, every time I wanted to reduce it, I had to type the command.

Ubuntu has a lightweight speed on my laptop. It is faster than Windows. But still, it has weaknesses such as media player issue (just like Elementary OS) and I don’t know why my laptop feels hotter when I run Ubuntu as the OS.

No matter what the issues are, I still have the Ubuntu installed on my laptop. I know, that maybe it can cause an imbalance or stuff like that on my laptop, but I need an alternative OS that faster than windows.

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