On My Own Way to Surabaya

Yes, by myself

I had a plan to go to Surabaya today. I departed from Pare, Kediri to Surabaya. I wanted to meet some friends there, three of my friends near ITS, one at Kenjeran, and another one in Dharmawangsa. So, how did I get there? With whom, and what kind of transportation mode that I rode? Keep calm fellas, I’ll tell you.


On My Own Way!

Question 1: How did I get there?

Answer: Followed the sign, asked people which way to go, and trust myself that I could get to my destination.

Question 2: With whom I went there?

Answer: By myself.

Question 3: What kind of transportation mode I rode to get there?

Answer: Motorcycle. An automatic transmission motorcycle a.k.a matic.

So, as I told you, I have answered the questions. So what’s next? Oh yeah, I still didn’t talk about the story. Here you go.

I went there by myself and rode a motorcycle. Honestly, I never went to Surabaya from Pare by motorcycle before. I didn’t know the way actually, and I was a bit worry about the trip. I would like to take risks on the way. I might get lost, or the worst, got an accident.

Thank God, I didn’t get lost, and didn’t get any accident. My friends thought that I was crazy to go to Surabaya by myself, riding motorcycle, and it was raining, plus I didn’t know the way. I was just follow the traffic signs to Surabaya, asked people, and of course followed my heart. I trusted myself that I could get my destination, and again, thank God, I did it.

After meeting some friends in three different places, I stayed in my friend’s house for one night. And in the afternoon I left Surabaya, of course by myself, rode motorcycle and accompanied by the rain. But I had no other choice, guys. Moreover, I wanted to experience the feeling to go for distance with motorcycle in a different place, and by myself.

So, that was a kind of an “adventure” for me. Even though it was not tough like climb a mountain, but it’s worth it. Do I think I will do other adventures again? I hope so!

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