Organizing My Laptop’s Data

Back again, talking about my laptop thing. I am now organizing my laptop’s data. I have erased a bunch of data, most of them are unused applications or similar apps on my laptop. It’s like a continuation of last night’s marathon uninstalling effort. I should’ve done it long time ago, when there were less data on my laptop. However, it doesn’t look so bad, though. I could erase so many GBs from my lappy.

I’ve uninstalled some applications, most of them are Adobe’s apps. Then, I reinstalled them again. I did it for an occasion, I want to install ArcGIS on my laptop again. I had it once, but I uninstalled it. So, how could it be? It’s a little long story, actually. Once, I thought that I wouldn’t study about Urban Planning, mapping, or stuff like that again. But then, it changed, now I need it. Because now I am studying Urban Design, and I need ArcGIS to do some analysis of urban area, and I need it to draw maps absolutely.

I’ve organized my drive C data, erased a bunch of data from my E drive, and I moved GBs of applications from my E drive to my external hard disk. Before it, I’ve erased tens of movie data from my external hard disk, so it is still have some free spaces to keep my “runaway data” from my laptop.

I learned a lesson from this occasion, that I have to be “rude” to erase a bunch of data from both my laptop and my external hard disk. Because, once I didn’t have any courage to erase those data, it would mess up my data storage. Currently, I only have one external hard disk, a 500 GBs storage. And I think I can’t buy another one in these next few months, so, yeah I have to maintain my only external HD, and so does my laptop. I have to maintain my laptop’s performance, because I will need it to finish my study, and of course to accompany me through my days.

Now I can see all of my laptop’s partitions, my external hard disk, my flash disk’s space indicators colored blue. It means that they have some free spaces. And I don’t know why, I love to see them colored blue, rather than let them be red. Their blue color seems like to be a happy and healthy sign to my eyes.

Wait a moment, this is not finished yet. I still have a bunch of files to be organized, including my C drive, and of course my flash disk. Though they’re blue. I just want to see them be more organized.

Tons of GBs data erased, some files and folders have been organized. And now, it’s time to install our big brother, Mr. ArcGIS. Let it lead the project. Impress me, ArcGIS! Heeeheee

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