Other Place but My Room

I feel bored. And it caused me not productive. Sometimes I felt bored to be in a classroom, which made me think that doing things in my room was much better and more productive. It worked for several times, but for this time recently, it didn’t. Lately, I spent tens of hours watching movie in my room, believed that it could boost my mood to work on things afterwards. However, it didn’t work that way. So what’s wrong?

It’s just me, I admit it. Though, the circumstances around me affect me as well. I need to tweak my mood, and one of the ways to do it is to be somewhere else. I need a new circumstance out of my room, a place that I can be more productive. Comfort is not the priority. I need to be in a circumstance that can make me be more focused, but it still gives me space to make a move. Because, you know, we cannot stay in a point of a place for so long. And I do need to move my body, to do stretching for instance.

Well, I need to find the place, and for that, I have to go out from my room. Maybe just for a while.

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