Pare, So Far So Good

Here I am, sit on a bench of a food court at Pare. This is my fifth day here. I can say that this could be the beginning of my journey.

The main reason why I am here is I want to improve my english. Actually my english isn’t bad. I have a good score of TOEFL (550). But I am not satisfied yet. I was set a target 600 of it. Eventhough my friend said that 550 is quite good, because their scores are just below the 500. I want more. To improve english is a continous learning and practice.

I remember four days ago, I rode a train to get here. That Tuesday was the first time I rode a train in my whole life. I was departed from Surabaya Gubeng Station and arrived at Papar Station. I was surprised when I booked the ticket, it cost me just Rp 5.500. Which is so cheap I thought.

It took me four hours to get here. This was my first time to get to Pare. Fortunately I met some good guys who had given me explanations about the direction to get here and what public transportation should I ride.

Then the afternoon, I arrived at Pare. It doesn’t mean that I had arrived to my destination, TEST English School. Because the driver dropped me at the wrong place, and I had to ask people where exactly TEST ES it is.

After walked for hundreds meters and twenty minutes, finally I found TEST ES. Then I applied the course I aimed. I chose the Homeschooling packet which would leave me four months here.

Day after day, after series of classes I attended, so far I feel so good to be here. There is no really big problem according to what people said about “Culture Shock”.

The food is good, unlike what I thought before, that it must have been hard to find a non spicy food, because it is Java. It turned out, I could find a non spicy food.

About the people around here, I think they are good as well. My friends here mostly came from Java island, and I think we have a good understanding to each other. There are still fifteen weeks to countdown, as I took the four mounths course packet. I hope I can face everything here as good as I can, and will continue it to the other journeys to come.

For you who in a journey now,

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