Quick Reading

I just finished reading a book, “Ayah” a few days ago. I did it in less than 4 days since I bought it. Some people could finish it quicker than me. But for me, it’s not the point if you could finish to read a book in a short time or longer.

For me three days of reading a 390s pages of book is quick enough. I didn’t just set a target to finish reading a book in a short time. I wanted to enjoy the words from the book itself.

A few days afterward, I borrowed my friend’s book. It’s a 330 pages of book, and I still haven’t finished to read it yet. It’s already three days I have been borrowing the book, it’s ok, as I said before, it’s not my target to finish reading a book in a short time. You can compare it to my friend -the owner of the book, he finished it in just a day!

I don’t know how he did it, but I think his “experience” reading a bunch of books and comics has given him a skill to read quickly. Regardless he got the points from the book or not. I am sure he understood the points in the books well.

Everytime I read the book I try to create a world about it. See the figures from the book in the world that I create in my imagination. Sometimes I can see it applies into the real world. Some events I see in my real life just like some events in the world that I imagined, based on the book.

(Sorry for the grammatical errors)

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