Randomly Watching, Can’t Wait To Ride My Bike

I just have watched Premium Rush a while ago. Yesterday I watched Flipped, and the day before yesterday, I watched Limitless. What a random list. Oh, anyway, those were not in my list, I just watched them randomly.

It’s kinda fun, rewatched movies that I’ve actually watched before. I like those movies, that’s why I watched it more than two times, instead I keep them in my portable harddisk. So, whenever I got bored, and have a spare time, I still have a bunch of movies to watch.

Actually, I have many things to do (just like it used to be), but I don’t know, it seems that I am not that busy, though. I keep things on my mind, and wait the moment to realize. Like, you know, to ride my bike again. But unfortunately, the tire is flat, and I lost something to enable me to pump the tire. And, anyway, after rewatching Premium Rush again, I felt like I couldn’t wait to ride my bike again.

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