Saturday Afternoon Cycling

I just have done cycling this afternoon. First time after Ramadhan. It was fun, though I didn’t plan that I would have ridden that long.

What I am really happy about this was I met some friends. Some of them were I met after long time didn’t meet. Nice to greet them, nice to wave them hand, and nice to see them smile.

However, I guess I will not see them next Saturday anymore. Probably, they will not be there anymore, they will be back to their work field. And the thing is, I will not be around here. I will be far away, thousands miles away from here.

I don’t know when will I do cycling again like I did this afternoon. Don’t have any idea, what Saturday I will have this kind of excercise. However, I am sure that I will do cycling again, meet some nice guys, make some friends, there, a place located thousands miles away.

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