I was trying to share a track from soundcloud to my wordpress.com blog this morning. I found the share button on the app (I use soundcloud app on my android phone). So I was just pushed the share button, and share it on my wordpress blog. It wasn’t like what I wished. I wish that the track could be played on my blog, otherwise, it didn’t. It was just a link to the track on soundcloud. I realized that there must’ve been a mistake.

There should’ve been an embed button, so I could attach (or whatever the name was) the track on my blog. However, I couldn’t find any “embed” button on the app. Later on I thought, it should be simpler, that I didn’t have to open the browser using a pc to find the “embed” button. So that, me or you guys could share your favorite tracks from soundcloud on your wordrpess blog easily. And both soundcloud and wordpress could be benefited from this as well.

I hope that it will be easier, and simpler.

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