Some Financial Calculations

I just have made a calculation of my financial status, for present and for the next few months. I was a bit anxious about it honestly, I am worried if I will not have a sufficient amount of money in my account while I am abroad, here to study. What makes me concerned about it, is I will pay more money for the next ten months, regarding to the housing payment.

I will move to a room in the campus area, which will cost me more, almost twice as my current rent. And now I am thinking so hard about how to manage my money. I have already spent much money in this first month, Almost twice as my budget per month. It sounds crazy, yes it is. But fortunately, I still have a few money left, which I should spend wisely.

I spent quite a lot money this month on clothes, foods, electronics stuff, and of course for tram. I realized that my purchase cost me a lot, but most of them are not a regular spending. Clothes, I will not spend as much as I spent this month, as well as electronic stuff. I spent much in the first month, but next months will not as much as this month.

I know that I will spend more money on rent, on the other side, it will reduce the tram cost, which I calculated have cost me almost a hundred Euro for this month alone. I will pay more for the rent, but at least I will be free from being rush in the early morning to get to the campus. It took 40 mins to get to the campus from my current place, anyway. Hopefully, it will worth the money.

Overall, my financial status still looks ok, but I have to keep in mind that I will have to spend less money for the next ten months. That’s quite a challenge, though.

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