Some Short Term Planning

I just told my parents some of my plans ahead. It was some of my plans for the next few years. Initially, I asked them about the cost for doing umrah, they told me the price, and I said I have a plan to go do it in the near time. My father asked me whether I have the budget already or not, and I said I didn’t have any money yet. How dare I have such a plan without any money. It will cost me much, though!

I honestly don’t have any money to realize that plan yet, I have nearly nothing in my bank account, but I am quite sure that I can make it. I just have to be optimist about this plan. I heard some stories about people who could make it, started with equal or less than what I have currently. And that’s what make me pretty sure that I can make it.

Next, I have a plan to build my own house. I told my parents as well about this plan, and yeah they were just saying about the realistic thing -I don’t have any fund. They reminded me about starting a family first. Oh no, find a mate first! They said. They remind me to not set too many plans yet, especially about building my own house. However, I stated that it was just an idea, it was something that always spinning in my mind. At least, I have a fine plan for my future wife, children, my future family.

Those were some of my plans for next few years. Those are big plans actually, but I am sure that I can make it. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Some Short Term Planning

  1. That’s odd, I thought that you have already had a mate, brother. Will you have a plan to look for another? I hope not! hehehe Great brother, I really proud of you. You are productive writer.

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