Spent Too Much Time to Stare

Well, it becomes something bad for me. Seriously bad. Regarding this last several weeks I spent too much time to stare on the mobile phone’s screen. I feel my eyes are getting hazy. And I am really worry that it will be worse and worse.

Mobile phone, or let’s say smartphone for me is a helpful gadget. So helpful that I can forget other important things to do. However, my hands are still sticking to my smartphone, and my eyes are still staring to it.

I supposed to study for my postgrad test now. Not staring my eyes to this smartphone, or touch the screen this time. Unfortunately, I got an idea to write about. And it’s better to write it now, rather than wait for it later when I don’t have any time to do it.

I spent more time to stare on the smartphone’s screen than read the books. And I think I have to consider to decrease my time to play my smartphone and begin to read the books.

It’s alarming me!

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