Still Lack of Comprehensive Knowledge

I just had attended a History and Theory of Urban Design class this morning. As I have written yesterday, I would have a “debate-like” class. We were divided into two teams, one teams the affirmative group, and another one as the opposite. So, we conducted it. However, I am not sure that it was fascinating for me.

There were some weaknesses we faced (according to my opinion), basically, it was not look like a pure debate. Sometimes we forgot to act to be the affirmative/opposite team. And sometimes we forgot about the main topic, obviously. I know that we needed some more examples from the real life, but it took too long to explain just for talking about the cadger, street vendors, or stuff like that.

My friends did it well, they could speak their mind and deliver it very well. Unfortunately, I was still looked confused with my own speaking. I couldn’t speak my mind well, and couldn’t deliver my thoughts well. Honestly, I had some ideas that I composed in my mind before, but I just could not speak it well. I was struggling with my own local language. But those are not the main problem, though. The main problem was, I still lack of comprehensive knowledge.

I was struggling whenever the lecturer or even my friends ask questions to me. I couldn’t give a well arranged statement as a response. I couldn’t connect some other theories, regulations, etc to the reality.

Still, I can’t blame myself 100% of that. At least there were a few improvements, though they are still not significant.

Hopefully, next time I will deliver my speaking better.

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