Still Working on Linux Installation

It has been roughly 3 days I am trying to install a linux on my laptop. Wait, 3 days for only installing linux? No, it is not only just installing it. Installing linux may take up to an hour or more, depending on the linux distro, the installation choices you choose, and also your internet connection. For me, the story is not only limited to solely installing linux, but the process of finding linux distros which suits my need took many hours.

As I said before, that it has been about 3 days. Yes it is quite a long time to just installing an OS on my laptop. Now there are way more distros, while 3 years ago, when I first installed linux on my laptop -It was my Sony Vaio, now I am using Toshiba Satellite, my choices were only limited to two distros (Ubuntu and Elementary OS) as those two were the only distros which suited my need, now I have Arch Linux, Antergos, Mint, and Solus, beside those first two distros. So, now I spent way more time to select the best distro for me.

As I wrote on my previous post, I selected two distros (Antergos and Solus), and I finally decided to install Antegros on my laptop. Although, the installation was succeeded this afternoon, but it didn’t work after I rebooted my laptop. I just have tried to reinstall it again this evening, and again it didn’t work, the installation was just failed a few minutes ago -this was the worst part.

Now I don’t know what exactly the issue, but as I just tried to find out on the Antergos website forum, some people encountered the same issues. It seems that for some reasons, it is still difficult to make it work, especially for relatively newbies like me.

Maybe I have to try¬†another distro. Let’s give Solus a try, then.

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