Sudden Oblivion

It is so time consuming. I spent so much time to procrastinate, and sadly it went unconsciously. It’s almost four hours I spent in front of my laptop without finishing any of my duties. It’s so pathetic. I woke up in the middle of the night, wished that I could have finished some duties. However, I couldn’t do any.

I have a bunch of duties, anyway. I know it, nonetheless, I couldn’t recall it exactly about the instruction for each duty. It feels like I am falling into oblivion. Maybe because there are so many duties, so I couldn’t remember all of the description or what. It all comes suddenly.

I make excuse by excuse to myself to “hide from the duties”, but I can’t just do it. It’s my responsible to finish them all, as I promise to finish my postgrad study well. It’s not merely about passion, though surely, it’s not my biggest passion to continue my study in this field. I think it’s about a mental block. This mental block grows bigger and bigger. And I hope I will not be in this oblivion for longer. I need to find the rhythm again as I had couple weeks ago.

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