Thank God, I Found My Wallet

My feeling and my friends’ was right, I didn’t lose my wallet. It was kept by the canteen’s keeper. She gave it to me, and I didn’t lose anything from my wallet. There were just a few things in my wallet, and there was a little amount of money inside. However, the most important things were my ID card, student card, ATM card, and several meaningful cards inside of my wallet.

As I said on my previous post, I lost my wallet. That was the first time to me, though it was not obviously lost. I think, it was because I was tired after having a final test in the morning, and I lost my concentration due to my “starvation”. I left my wallet in front of the cahier table, and fortunately there was a kind person gave it to the canteen’s keeper.

Thank God the canteen’s keeper so kind, she gave to me without any condition. I am so glad that there are still good people around, though there are just a few of them.

I hope that was the first and also the last time for me to lose my wallet, though it was not obviously lost.

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