That Tyre Issue

I can say that sometimes dealing with bicycle tyres can be so frustrating. I just have fixed my rear tyre, I had to replace the inner tube with a new one, following a flat tyre issue since two weeks ago. I bought inner tube twice, because the first one’s valve was not fit into the rim.

It was my mistake, obviously. I knew the tube’s diameter, but didn’t know that the valve size was different. So I had to buy another one with a same valve size.

It was not only the rear tyre, my front tyre also had an issue, the grip was gone, and as a result, I felt on the iced road last winter. It was not good, I had my knee injured due to the accident.

So, back to the tyres, I had replaced the rear inner tube, and just replaced my front tyre with a new one as well. I thought everything was 99% fine, then I checked the tyres again, and found that there was something wrong with the front tyre, it was like there was no air in the tube, the tube lost its pressure. So, I pumped the tyre again. A few minutes later, I rechecked it again, and damn, no air pressure again. I didn’t have any idea about the issue, because I was sure that everything was just ok, and I didn’t scretch the tube at all.

I hope that this issue will be fixed tomorrow, because I need to use my bike to go around. Well, it’s almost 2 am now, gotta take a rest, see ya!

[UPDATE] My front tire was actually flat as well. Will fix it tonight.

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