That Was a Fine Sleep, But…

I didn’t write yesterday, at December 2nd 2014. I got a lot of things to do yesterday. I stayed at the campus till the morning, and returned to the campus again before 09.00 A.M, because I had a class. It was not finished yet. I had two classes afterwards, so I had to stay at least until 5 P.M. I made two presentations, and that made me exhausted, and sleepless. It was not only about the presentations, but it was mainly about the process in the making of those presentations that consumed much source.

I just had about two hours of sleep yesterday, and a quite-tight schedule from the early morning. That’s why I fell asleep so early tonight after arriving at my dorm room. That was a fine sleep, but I don’t know why I felt a little migraine.

I prayed lately, and I realized that I forgot something. I forgot to write a post yesterday, so that’s why I didn’t back to my bed straight. It feels good to write, where I can share my thought not only for my personal consumption.

Oh, thank God, I just had a fine sleep, though I felt a little migraine. It would be good to me to get back to my bed, but no I am not. I still want to stay for a while. Maybe I will read some articles, or book. Absolutely.

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