The Challenge as the First Speaker

We got a duty to present several chapters of a book, Designing Cities. We were divided into 4 groups, and this morning two of them did the presentation. I was a bit lucky, because I am in the fourth group, so our chance is next week to present our chapter.

I worked on the introduction of the chapter “Urban Landscape”, which is written by Sharon Zukin. I just did it last midnight till the morning, however it wasn’t finished yet. I was a bit stuck by “liminality” term, and it cost me hours of searching. Though, I could find the meaning, which was still ambiguous as it means.

Then, there the presentation came. The first group got a notification from the lecturer that they shouldn’t speak at length, yet they had to focus on the book’s content. It was the statement that I’ve been waited for. We should’ve focus on the book’s content, rather than take so many examples which could lead us out of the context.

I don’t blame the first group, I respect them so much instead. It was surely very hard to be the first speakers in the class, who deliver a new topic in front of the audiences. It’s always be hard, absolutely. I am not sure, if I was the first speaker I would do better than them. Definitely I would not perform better than one of them.

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