Next week they will step on the real lessons

For this week I got a duty to teach speaking class for the Established students in my course. From Monday to this Friday I teach them in the afternoon. It was always raining during the afternoon. So, many times we had to move our class under the roof. Oh yeah, I just wondering, why am I talking about weather on this post? Dude, weather is matter. I mean, weather could affecting the mood of the students. For sure! Heee heee…

No, I’m not going to talk about the weather on this entire post. So, where am I? Ok, I’d like to talk about this farewell day for the students in my class. As I told you before, some of my students were struggling to speak in front of the other students, it was quite difficult to manage them speak to well. Some of them didn’t understand about the topic, and not confident as well.

Every day I motivate, teach and encourage them in order to speak better than the previous days. Sometimes it worked, but yesterday I reminded them to show their best performance today. Today is Friday, and it is the last day for them to have a speaking class before they move to the real lessons next week.

So what happened today? Almost everyone performed better than the previous days! I was so excited to watch them speak in front of the others. Though, one of them couldn’t perform as I wanted. I asked him what’s the problem, and I found that he had a problem with his job. He didn’t read the papers well. I asked him to read the papers again for the second speaking, yes he made improvements, but actually it was not enough.

I was trying to accept it. Yep, it was a dynamic of teaching. And after the class finished, I thanked and congratulated them and wish that they would be better in their class next week. Suddenly, they wanted to capture photos together with me. Wow, it surprising me, because it was the first time for me that students want to capture photos together, after weeks I taught.

So, that was it. The last day for them to be in my class. Hopefully, next time I’ll teach better and better than before.

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