The Vaio

It was just surprising for me, knowing that (Sony) Vaio was not available anymore. It was so unfortunate, because I wanted to buy a new Vaio to replace my older one. I had been using Sony Vaio for more than 7 years, but now I don’t use it regularly anymore.

It is still working well actually, but unfortunately the battery is no longer supporting my need. That was the reason why I decided to buy a new laptop beside it’s (getting) slower performance. I could make it run faster actually by removing many apps from it, but still, the short battery life forced me to switch to another machine.

Now I am using Toshiba Satellite series as my regular use, it has mostly better spec than my older Vaio. But still, I am missing my Vaio. I love its keyboard, screen, and the size. My Toshiba has a relatively flatter keys, and the screen is not as good as my Vaio. Despite its screen which has a wider  size, I prefer to use a relatively smaller size , but not too small as a notebook.

I am now using Toshiba for a year something, it is good, but does not satisfy my as my Vaio did. Although I love the battery life of my Toshiba, it lasts much longer than my Vaio on its best performance. One thing that dissapointed me was the network (wifi, bluetooth) issues which frustrated me for a few weeks.

About the built quality, again, I love my Vaio better than my Toshiba. My Vaio has a plastic case, while my Toshiba has an aluminium case in some parts, but I don’tknow, I love my Vaio’s case, altough it is a plastic, but it is a high quality one.

I am not sure when Vaio will issue a new laptop, maybe they will, after restructuring their management. I heard Vaio has been sold by Sony, I don’t know who bought it, but it seems like they take longer to produce a new product. I hope it would be a great product, a reliable one as the one that I have been using for many years.

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