Then What Should I Write?

I think there’s nothing that I can tell about more than my study. Most of the topics of my posts here in these last few weeks were about my study.  Exactly, because it is my main activity. And you must have been known that studying in postgrad program has never been so easy. It’s always be time consuming, mind demanding, and emotionally exhausting. It’s like you have a commitment with a certain plan for your future.

Ok, then. I guess that I was starting to write about my study again. Just forget it for a while. So, what should I write now? Give me a second, I have told you about my cacti, right? The one that had been died couple of weeks ago. And you know what? Another cactus of mine seems to be dying. I realized that I had never watered the rest of my cactus these last several days. Not a good owner!

What else should I write, then? Oh yeah, yesterday I played a game with some people at American Corner. I don’t know exactly about the name of that game, all I remember is the game contains “Questions” in its name. Yes, it was about asking question to other players based on the card you picked. And you had to guess who wrote this answer, and who wrote that answer. I can’t tell you exactly about the rules, but the game was quite fun, though.

That game was like a consolation to me, a nice distraction from my monotone activity. It was nice to see some pure smiles and laughs. Things that you couldn’t beg.
So there you go, another post of mine. I guess that I knew a topic out of my study thing.

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