To Be a Better Dad

I saw a man with a kid couple days ago. That guy was a “trash picker”, and the kid was his son. They live around my neighborhood. It was not the first time I saw them. Once I saw them walked to get home under the rain, the guy brought a sack of stuff. I guess it was filled with things that he collected on the sideway. They were soaking wet, they didn’t have anything to cover their bodies from the rainfalls. In the meantime, I was on my way to have a dinner with an umbrella in my hand. And I realized that it could be something that would remain in my head.

That was one of many “realities” lay in front of me, with so many life lessons in them. I was so sorry to see them that way. I couldn’t offer any help at that time, as they were trying to cross the road. I was so sorry to see that guy working as a trash picker and had to feed his family where the life seemed not familiar with unfortunate people.

I wondered how if I was the kid, and the guy was my father. Would I be like this, sitting in front of my laptop typing this post? I guess it would not be this way. I might have grown up as a worker, did anything day and night to make sure that I could feed my parents and my sister. And if it would be like that, then I would have to say goodbye to a proper education.

It was bad, but there was something that concerned me more. What if I cannot be a better guy than him? Will I let my son follow me through the way, picking up some trash and sell some usable things? Can I afford him a chance to attend a school? Can I feed my wife, my son, and myself properly? Those are the things that might happen if I don’t take care of my life well. And as I am getting older, surely I need to do things better to make sure that I will not be a poor guy in the future.

I want to have a better life in the future, have a better education for my kids, feed my family better, and will not see myself as a trash picker. I want to be a better Man, and of course a better dad in the future, though I know that it will be a hard journey to be so.

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