Today Is Not So Bad

Today is Tuesday, the day which we have a Studio class. We recently finished our duty, and successfully submitted it tomorrow. Well, we were late for 3 days, actually. At least we got a permission from the lecturers to do so. So, we attended the Studio class, not my favorite class in this Urban Design study, though. Felt like it would be a terrible class, however, it went not so bad. Well, quite fun, instead.

What made me not so anxious was the duty. Yes, we submitted the duty, but I was not sure that the content was fascinating. I was thinking that we, me especially would have so many critiques from the lecturer. I got a jackpot, I had to present my part of the duty, which was the Open Space part of the settlement where we took as a survey location.

Well, it was not like what I thought before, the presentation went not so bad, actually. Though, we had to make some corrections of our duty, while preparing for the last duty of this semester which is the due date set to December fifth 2014. We still have a month, but I am not sure that we will have plenty of time to perfect it.

Literally, I felt comfortable in the class, not so bad as I thought before. And now, I am looking forward to have the same feeling for the next Studio class. Need some self-tweak, though. I will have to improve my understanding of the materials, first anyway.

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