Trips and Test in Less Than 24 Hours

Less than 24 hours ago, I was still in my dorm room. I was still sleeping for less than an hour, tried to prepare myself for a trip to the airport to accompany my aunt to go home. I had an agenda to attend a test this morning, so I had to be on the spot earlier this morning. So, I went to the airport first, then went to the office where the test took place.

I departed at 00.30 am, and arrived at the airport at 3.30 am. I slept in the car for several minutes, and after arriving at the airport, I had to find another car to take me to the office. I planned to rid a bus, however, it didn’t come earlier, so I decided to ride a taxi, so I could be on the spot in the early morning. I arrived at 6.10 am, it only took 30 minutes to take me on the spot. It cost me more money, but it was better, rather than waiting for a bus which could cost me late.

Before attending the test, I had to be in line, to show up my test ID, then submitted my docs. It took almost an hour to be in line. Right after that, I went to the room, waiting for the test. That was a hard time for me, because I was so sleepy. I was fell asleep for seconds several times. I am not sure whether there was someone realized that I fell asleep in the room or not.

It took more than 1 hour after entering the room. There were some announcements, one of them was the dress code. On the test requirements, we were asked to wear a white shirt. However there were some participants who didn’t follow the rules. Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

Then here came the test. It was nice, because it meant that I didn’t have to wait for longer. I was just thinking how to finish the test quicker, so I could go home earlier and have a rest. The test went well. I could finish it less than two hours, it took me about an hour and twenty minutes to finish the test. I am not sure about the result, though. We would know it at least ten days from now, the commitee said.

Thank God for the test, it was not easy actually. The thing was, the test was able to expel my sleepiness. I was so sleepy before doing the test, and yeah the test helped me to stay awake for more.

I left the office at 11.30, and tried to find a travel’s pool. However, I took a wrong bus. So I had to take another bus to take me on the right place. I had to walk for hundreds of meters to find the travel’s pool. There was no my name on the booker lists, so I had to be on the waiting lists, but thank God, I could depart immediately. It was 13.30, I guessed that I would get to the dorm at 5 pm, however I couldn’t. the traffic was so terrible. I reached my dorm at 6.10 pm.

Long trips in less than 24 hours, dude. The test was so important (for some people). I don’t want to think too much about it, though. Don’t want to think about the result at this time. for now, I am only thinking to get on my bed and have a good time to sleep.

Oh yeah, it’s Saturday night. Happy Saturday night all!

Bedtime, immediately.

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