Unusual Disk Space Usage “Behavior” on Webhosting, Finally Fixed

Couple of months ago I found a problem occurred on my webhosting. It was an unusual behavior shown by my disk space usage indicator. It was weird, the usage kept more and more days by days, while I was obviously didn’t upload as many contents (images or videos or even posts) as the indicator showed. I started to wonder what happened with my webhosting. I was thinking that it might be the act of the webhosting admin. However it didn’t.

I was prejudicing, and it was my mistake. Plus, I couldn’t find the right way to fix that problem, instead I upgraded the package which cost me more than before. Months gone, I finally found the cause behind that problem. It was not a virus or a bug, it was caused by a plugin that I used on my other blog, which rarely I opened.  It was a database cache plugin, which I cannot mention the name. I supposed to delete the cache regularly, however I didn’t do it, cause I didn’t know it. Heee heee

Now, since I figured out the problem, my disk space usage is back to normal. It was more than 500 MB, but now it is just only 325 MB. At least I still have much more free disk space to be filled in.

Sometimes it is just need a simple effort to fix the problem, however it needs time to realize it.

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