Wednesday, No Class Today!

It’s time to write a post again, bro. I am alone in the studio now, my friends are already leaving. It’s a rare situation when I find this room is already feels lonely. It used to be some guys around here.

Ok, it’s Wednesday, fellas. It used to be there were two classes in Wednesday. However, both of our lecturers had their own schedule for today, so the classes were postponed. It feels good, honestly, because the classes used to be started in 7 am. Moreover, we do need to break for a while. But, the question is, what do I do today if there is no class at all?

I still go to the campus, dude. I went to jogging this morning, and went to library, extend my book borrowing, and attended an American Corner session afterwards. It was really nice, since I haven’t attended any American Corner session in this last two months. I missed to talk to foreigners.

Oh yeah, it’s the second day in a row for me to stay alone in the studio. It feels quite nice actually, because it’s quiet and the wifi connection is really fast. However, I am not going to stay here until evening. I plan to go somewhere to have a leisure time for a little while. What? A leisure time? Yes, absolutely. Will go by myself, though.

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