Welcome, WordPress Three Point Eight!

Truly, I love this new version. This wordpress 3.8 looks better than its previous version. I know that I’m not a CMS expert who understands much about the way it works on the server. I am just a regular user who uses this CMS to blogging. So, I just want to write about this new version based on what I feel.

So, is it fast? Yep, it loads fast enough. But, sometimes I need to refresh my admin page to see what appears on the screen. I don’t know actually what is the term of that condition, a condition that suddenly there is nothing appears on the browser but white color.


WP 3.8

I scrolled my browser down, but then nothing changed. So, I was just close the tab and open the my wordpress dashboard again. Fortunately, the page loads well. It was one of my experiences with the new version of wordpress, the three point eight.

How could that happen to me? I dunno. Maybe it’s because the slow internet connection, or because of my hosting provider? I don’t know, though! So, what will happen next? Is it gonna be happen again like before? Hopely it won’t happen again.

In general, I’d like to say that I love this version. I love the layout, the user interface and the icons.

So guys, did you updated your wordrpess to the new version (3.8)?

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