When the Website Layout Changed

It’s not easy when the website owner changes the layout of your dashboard. It’s happening on wordpress.com, it has a new layout for its dashboard. Visually, it’s interesting, but I couldn’t find the stats panel as easy as before. There is no longer stats tab on the dashboard like before, so it was confusing me.

I was thinking that they (the designers) removed this feature out. However, it was not, it was in “my sites” tab, and for that, I had to do more clicks. I prefer the previous layout/design where I could see my web’s stats only with a single click.

Honestly, sometimes I dislike the layout change, because I was already get used to the older layout, while the new layout didn’t provide the simplicity to do what we meant. It’s not only occurred on one website, it happened to so many websites. Or even mobile applications, right?

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