While I am Waiting for the Inspiration

I am still sitting on a chair in the studio. It’s not a music studio, guys. It’s a room for us, the Urban Design postgrad students where we spend most of the time at. It’s just a simple room with several computers and sets of tables and chairs. We are also have cupboards here. Cupboards that we still can’t open yet.

I am still sitting here, in front of my laptop. I will come dorm late tonight, hopefully me and my friends will finish our presentation tonight, and can deliver it well tomorrow morning. I’ve read the reading material, The Urban Landscape a week before, however, I still cannot understand it well. Too many points inside, too many “actors” inside, and so does the story. It’s varied.

What I can tell from my initial read, is this reading material mainly discuss about architecture and commercial. The thing that I still confused about, is why does the title have to be the Urban Landscape, while the content mainly discuss about commercial? Yeah, that’s what the lecturer asked us to read it again and again.

Now I am waiting for the inspiration to come. And I think it’s not bad to write a post.

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