Working On The Train?

I am on the train now, heading to eastern Java, departed from Bandung. I just have done a task, to finish some image editing, then uploaded it to GDrive. I did it on the train, which was surprising me that the internet broadband connection worked pretty fast, although it was unstable for some time. The upload speed was pretty fast, 1 mb in less than a minute, which was much faster than it did in my dorm area just a few hours ago.

No, don’t think that I am going to write a beautiful post, I am still sruggling to write in English well.

Back to the point, I have never imagined before, that it would have been finished on the train. So, I will have some spare time in the next few hours watching movie on my laptop. The best thing is, I will not have any thought about the task anymore. I am free from it. At least until the next revision (if it does), but I hope that there will be no revision for the task anymore. I don’t mean that I dislike the job, I just don’t have much spare time left for that. I need to do other things.

It will take at least twelve hours, I will be arrived in the morning. Now it’s just enter the evening. Sooo… I think I am going to need some time to “enjoy”.
See you later, dear myself!

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