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Welcome to my blog where I share more information about me that I don’t always share on my other social media accounts.

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Rizqi Fahma - At Eiffel Paris

Hi there, I’m Rizqi.
I’m an employee of a Telco company in Indonesia, where I work as an officer at Asset Management Center unit.

Well, that’s my full time job. I do other fun stuff too on my free time, for instance photography, graphic design, and of course blogging. Though I don’t blog as regular as I did a few years ago.

Please visit my about me page for more detailed information.
*Disclaimer: I don’t represent my employer(s) on this blog.

Sepeda Rizqi Fahma waktu Kuliah S2 di Belanda

Check out my blog

Surely, I write posts on this blog. Although I don’t post too much this recently.

I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown

Jim Morrison
Kincir Angin Belanda - Pengalaman Kuliah di Belanda

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