Me and My Vaio

5 Years Together

What a wonderful relationship. We have it for this last five years. I’ve been with it since November 20th 2009. You can read my post last year, when I “celebrated” its 4th birthday. You can see my photo with it as well. I still remember that I had “Skrillex” hairstyle at that time, though it was not long as Skrillex’s hairstyle. So, five years, not a short time of togetherness.

Well, If you speak Bahasa, you may read my post two years ago about its birthday.

I actually almost totally forgot about when actually I bought this laptop. All I knew was me and my father bought it in November 20s five years ago. But I am quite sure, that it was in Nov. 20th, not 25th as I had written last year and last two year. Yeah, Nov. 20th, two months after my 19th birthday. I once found the purchase note of this laptop, I remember that it was written Nov. 20th on the date line. Wow, it’s been a long time with my Sony Vaio, VPCCW15FG.
Anyway, I have never post or put any image on my blog in these last couple weeks. So, I think it would be better if I attach an image on this post, as I want to celebrate my only laptop. Yes we have a very good relationship, it never got a serious problem, and I rely most of my duties to it. it’s still reliable, though its age is already five years. Oh my God.

Oh yeah, about the photo, here you go:

Me and My Vaio

Me and My Vaio

It’s me and my laptop, yeah! I captured it a few minutes ago. Yes yes yes, absolutely, we took some selfies photo, but I only choose that one, because it looks just funny. I don’t use any filter to this photo, I just use an auto color adjustment, but it’s still similar to the original one.

So, speaking about togetherness with laptop, I have mine for five years. My laptop is still in a very good condition. What about you, fellas?

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