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About Me

A brief introduction


I am Rizqi Fahma, just graduated from MSc program at IHS – Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam (2016). I was majoring in Urban Management and Development, specifically in Urban Infrastructure.

Muhammad Rizqi Fahma - Waktu di Jerman
Rizqi Fahma – In Germany

Despite my background education in urban studies (for my bachelor I studied Urban Planning), I am so fascinated with technology and arts. That’s why it was quite kind of really hard to blend my mind into urban studies.

Luckily, I am now working in the biggest Telco company in my country – Indonesia. Though it is a telco company, its vision to connect millions and millions of people and to be the king of digital in the region makes me excited to contribute, and work smart to create something that people love.

To know more about where I have studied before, here you go:

Bachelor degree

Universitas Hasanuddin (Hasanuddin University), Makassar

  • Urban and Regional Development, Architecture Department – Engineering Faculty (2008 – 2013)

I studied a lot of things about urban studies, in which I learned things like urban planning, land use, urban policy, urban structure and patterns, history of urban world, and most importantly urban planning studio.

My bachelor thesis was about commercial areas parking lot, in which I discussed about 3 different commercial building blocks parking  pattern, and how the developers could enhance theirs.

I studied there for 10 semesters, which was a bit later compared to some of my colleagues. Why did I take that long? Because I had a job during my final semesters in a consultant firm in Makassar. I got a job earlier than most of my friends who graduated earlier than me.

Masters degree

Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology), Bandung

  • Urban Design – Schools of Architecture, Planning, and Policy (2014 – 2015)

I studied  lot of things about urban design in ITB, where I did quite a lot of surveys for practical lessons. There I did not only study about urban planning, but mostly it was strongly influenced by architecture in general.

The design part was somehow more reinforced than policies. I learned a quite a lot about construction projects financial calculation/ management during the second semester, and eventually presented the project in front of several stakeholders.

I studied there for a relatively short period (2 semesters). I did not finished my study there, due to my decision to continue my study in The Netherlands.

IHS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

  • Urban Management and Development (2015 – 2016)

Finally, after dreaming about studying abroad for like forever, I could study in The Netherlands.

I got an LPDP scholarship, which enabled me to study in whatever university I wanted to enroll.

I chose to study in The Netherlands (IHS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), because it was one of the best schools to study Urban Management in The World.

I took Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure specialization. My thesis was about BRT System in one of the biggest cities in Indonesia.

Blogging history

I started blogging in 2009, but didn’t start it on my own. I started blogging here ( since 2011. So far I have written more than 600 of posts (update: I removed half of those posts to another blog, due to differentiation of contents) and scored more than 150,000s of page views, now it’s 160.000s (as of February 2018), and just recently it scored 260,000s of page views (as of December 2018). I know that’s not too much compared to other popular blogs out there, but I am quite happy with that, though.

In case you have something to ask about me, or want to collaborate with me, just send me your message on my contact form.

[UPDATE] I just migrated my English contents to my account.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Rizqi Fahma


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  1. Maisya says:

    Halo! Salam kena, Rizqi. Alumni Belanda juga ya? 😀 Aku dulu di Groningen.
    Numpang mampir dan baca-baca blognya yaaa..

  2. kunjungan balik mas rizqi,
    gimana cara migrasi dr wordpress ke

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