Muhammad Rizqi Fahma

About Me

A brief introduction


I amĀ Rizqi Fahma, just graduated from MSc program at IHS – Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam (2016). I was majoring in Urban Management and Development, specifically in Urban Infrastructure.

Despite my background education in urban studies (for my bachelor I studied Urban Planning), I am so fascinated with technology and arts. That’s why it was quite kind of really hard to blend my mind into urban studies.

Luckily, I am now working in the biggest Telco company in my country – Indonesia. Though it is a telco company, its vision to connect millions and millions of people and to be the king of digital in the region makes me excited to contribute, and work smart to create something that people love.

Blogging history

I started blogging in 2009, but didn’t start it on my own. I started blogging here ( since 2011. So far I have written more than 600 of posts, and scored more than 150,000s of page views. I know that’s not too much compared to other popular blogs out there, but I am quite happy with that, though.

In case you have something to ask about me, or want to collaborate with me, just send me your message on my contact form.

Thanks for coming by, guys!

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Rizqi Fahma