About Publicizing Things Online

I am not a kind of person who publicize everything about myself online. It’s just not my nature. Well, people might have their own opinion, but for me this thing called privacy is really matter.

I can still remember when someone out there stupidly threaten me via social media. I just couldn’t believe why this thing could be worse and worse over time. And that’s when I started to lock some of my social media accounts, given them strict privacy and so on. I have never enjoyed any threat! On the other hand, I didn’t really think that counter the threats would’ve made things get easier. Some stupid things are actually don’t need to be taken care of.

Sometimes I was thinking that many people posted too many things about them publicly without considering and understanding the risk. Or maybe they didn’t even think about it, but trust me, it is really really possible to happen (the risk). You know, we cannot make sure that all the people have a good, healthy mind.

I don’t think that posting everything about where I am, what I eat, my ride, my shoes, my shirt, my clothes, my caps, my pets, my complaints, my ideas, my family, and my life is going to help me to figure out all the problems I face. Otherwise, it can be just like an issue, like it can be presumed as showing off, or the worse, spamming and annoying.

I still have some social media accounts (some were already deactivated), I shared some things -like music that I like online, I posted my photos (not many and not regularly), uploaded some artworks, published my blogposts, but all those things weren’t “too much”.

I got some invitations to install some apps, sign up for some new services, or reinstalling the old apps that I used, but no, I don’t have any interest to do that. I think, with the current apps I am using, and some social media accounts that I still have are enough already to keep me participating in the online realm.

However, I don’t really “show off myself” online, because I don’t think that people need all those things to get to know me. And if people need to know me, I think they just can do it casually, be friend, either via email and chat, or if it possible, just set a meetup. And do it naturally.

Well, you can see that I have my own view about publicizing things on the internet. I do really understand if you have your own preference about it along with your reasons, after all we have our own real life to live. Our own so called regular life.

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