Expecting a Baby

Alhamdulillah, kami diberkahi dengan calon buah hati tanpa perlu menunggu lama.

Si baby yang makin lincah didalam perut ibunya ini Insha Allah akan lahir dalam beberapa minggu kedepan. Saya dan istri saya, Dzilla sangat senang, begitupun dengan keluarga besar kami.

Semoga istri dan bayi saya tetap sehat dan bisa diberkahi dengan kelahiran yang normal dan lancar.

Love you, Dzilla my wife and my cute baby 🙂

Rasanya Mendapat Beasiswa LPDP [Pengalaman Nyata]

Beasiswa LPDP, beasiswa terbaik yang pernah ada dan yang pernah saya dapatkan

Tahun 2015 menjadi salah satu tahun yang paling berkesan dalam hidup saya, dimana saya berhasil mewujudkan salah satu mimpi saya yang paling agung. Mimpi tersebut adalah kuliah diluar negeri.

Alhamdulillah, saya menerima kabar gembira bahwa saya mendapat beasiswa LPDP. Continue reading “Rasanya Mendapat Beasiswa LPDP [Pengalaman Nyata]”

Switch to DuckDuckGo

It might sounds like an unpopular choice.

While (almost) everyone uses google as their default search engine, I am switching to DDG (DuckDuckGo).

I am going to see what it can bring as an alternative to google.

I heard that this search engine doesn’t track “our activities” online, which includes our browsing activities, etc.

Use DDG and take back our privacy.

It will be interesting!

PS: I am using it as my default search engine on my Google Chrome.

Not Into EDM As Much As I did Before

I must say that I am not listening to EDM as regular as I did before.
I used to listen to it a lot everyday, during a lot of circumstances.

I don’t dislike the music actually, but it is just that it is too ubiquitous this time around.
You can hear EDM-ish sound in almost every popular tracks these days.
And it feels really boring, honestly.

EDM used to be unique, not too much as in pop as nowadays.
Though I don’t blame the producers, anyway.

I remember, just like what Skrillex (Sonny Moore) said, that EDM is already oversaturated now.
Maybe that’s what really happening now.

And I become a little bit “overwhelmed” with the genre already, though I won’t just leave it for other genres.

Back to Read Journals

Just getting more bored reading articles via Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand (two apps that I used the most for reading news update).

So, I decided to search something new on google, and stumble upon some academic stuff.

And I ended up reading a few journals, which to be honest is more distract-less to read.

I realized that it requires more intention to read journals, but the result is worth it. I understand more about some stuff in academic point of view, which is far more satisfying.

You know, when you can understand more, and you are able to explain some things in a more intelligent and scientific way. That’s cool, right?

Then I Removed Everything But Base Group

It seems that what I have been trying previously (updating my antergos firmware and packages), it didn’t work smoothly.

So, instead of getting more confused and repeat the same mistakes, and spent too much time on a same issue, I decided to remove everything except the base packages on my Antergos.

It might be so plain, but it is gonna be better.

[UPDATE] it turned out to be a disaster actually. even the GUI of my antergos was deleted during my experiment. I couldn’t figure out how to configure the GRUB. So I decided to say goodbye to antergos.

Now I have been switching to Ubuntu. As I use it on my vps as well.