Bring a Wrong Paper

I planned to work on my duty this morning. I put the paper inside my bag, then I went to the library. After borrowing a book, I took my laptop and turned it on. Then I held the paper, and tried to find the part which I wanted to summarize, but unfortunately I couldn’t. it was not the paper that I aimed to bring.

So, here I am, sitting on a chair, typing this writing and listening to deadmau5’s Strobe. I am using the campus’s wifi service to publish it, and hopefully, while I am writing this post, I will have some new ideas to finish my duties.

I was so excited this morning, actually. I had a plan to download ArcGIS 10.1 or above using the campus’s wifi, unfortunately, it couldn’t. It couldn’t be downloaded using the campus’s wifi. I was also had a plan to finish my reading duty and borrow a book in the library. I borrowed the book, though.

It’s 11.26 now. Here comes the announcement, the library service will be closed for a while, it will be on at 13.00.  And now, I just want to back to my dorm, put my backpack and have a lunch.

It’s Monday dude, thank God I don’t have any class to attend today.

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