What If, karya Randall Munroe

Pertama Kali Beli Buku di Belanda

Awal bulan ini saya membeli sebuah buku berbahasa Inggris di Belanda. Ini pertama kalinya saya membeli buku di negara ini, walaupun hanya lewat online. Kenapa beli online? Sederhana, karena disini cukup sulit menemukan buku dalam bahasa Inggris. Trus kenapa dalam bahasa Inggris, bukan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Tentu saja, karena disini lebih sulit lagi menemukan buku dalam bahasa Indonesia. Continue reading “Pertama Kali Beli Buku di Belanda”

Books in This Last Few Weeks

I am nearly one month in my parents’ house. I was getting sick for almost two weeks, and hardly went out except for medication. I can say that I spent most of my time inside the house. I spent much time to get lay down, had a bed rest, and waited for the time when I could be fully fit again. Did I just do those things? Nope, instead I read books. I read at least four books, novels actually. Continue reading “Books in This Last Few Weeks”

Buy Book Regularly

Years ago when I was still in the undergraduate program, I had a target to buy at least one book every month. I did, at least I bought one book every month. Instead, I often bought more than one book every month. Mostly, I bought books which were not directly related to my courses at that time.

I bought nearly a hundred books for the years back then. But unfortunately, it then stopped. I had not bought any books for a while, it was when I started to focus on my final assignment. And for the next few months, I didn’t buy any book. Continue reading “Buy Book Regularly”