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Not Into EDM As Much As I did Before

I must say that I am not listening to EDM as regular as I did before.
I used to listen to it a lot everyday, during a lot of circumstances.

I don’t dislike the music actually, but it is just that it is too ubiquitous this time around.
You can hear EDM-ish sound in almost every popular tracks these days.
And it feels really boring, honestly.

EDM used to be unique, not too much as in pop as nowadays.
Though I don’t blame the producers, anyway.

I remember, just like what Skrillex (Sonny Moore) said, that EDM is already oversaturated now.
Maybe that’s what really happening now.

And I become a little bit “overwhelmed” with the genre already, though I won’t just leave it for other genres.

Me and deadmau5 Music

Who doesn’t know deadmau5, especially for you EDM fans. Well, I know that he might be not familiar to you compared to other EDM musician(s), for instance: Skrillex, ZEDD, The Chainsmokers, and perhaps Marshmello. Yeah, deadmau5 music is relatively not as mainstream as the other’s music. But for me, I am admiring his music as much as my admiration to other prominent EDM aritsts. Read more


I can’t explain how I feel everytime I listen to this track. Simply perfect despite its long duration.
Semoga bisa membantu dalam menenangkan pikiran saat menyusun proposal tesis ini. Enjoy!

Lagu Akhir-akhir Ini (Awal Juni 2016)

Lagunya James Bay, judulnya: Let it Go. Saya mendengarkannya setiap hari selama beberapa minggu terakhir ini. Lagunya bagus, begitu pun dengan liriknya.

Ini versi remixnya (by Bearson). Bisa saya bilang kalau remix lagu ini memuaskan. Saya lebih sering mendengar versi ini dibanding versi aslinya, yang sebenarnya tidak kalah bagus.

Sedangkan ini adalah versi aslinya: Read more

Lagu Untuk Ramadhan – Maher Zain